The DMCIS library contains selected works from the disaster health professional toolkit. The works are written for full-time, field-based, hands-on health professionals serving in a disaster setting. The works are presented as pdf files designed to be PDA/clipboard ready--generally formatted for letter-sized paper with 1-inch margins and single-spaced text in 10 point font. Some variations do occur. Document titles and descriptions follow below.

Library documents are copyright of the Society and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. The license allows for limited use of the documents provided they are properly credited to DMCIS, they are used for non-commercial purposes, and they are not edited or used for derivative works. You will find the license through the link below.

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Security Briefing

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Security Briefing Checklist
Orientation to the field office

Site Assessment

These documents enable rapid capture of relevant data on focal disaster-affected populations. Six major attributes facilitate that process:
  • serially preemptive information priorities
  • explicit sector-specific metadata
  • fixed data layout
  • SMART performance indicators with co-located benchmarks
  • length limits of 2 pages
  • completion time of 2 hours for 1 trained investigator in a population of 10,000 persons with knowledgeable, cooperative, local representatives available for interview

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Disaster Site Assessment
Applicable to a disaster-affected population concentrated in an accessible area

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Therapeutic Feeding Center Assessment
Applicable to a fixed center providing nutritional and ancillary services

Staff Assessment

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Qualifications Assessment
Quantitative assessment of criterion-referenced qualifications in disaster health officers