Education and Training

DMCIS education and training focuses on the needs of competent health professionals who prepare for leadership roles in international disaster response. The disaster health sector may be complicated by:
  • protracted, complex, and secondary disasters
  • security destabilization
  • population displacement
  • damage to health facilities with disruption of public health and clinical services
  • degradation in quality and safety of patient care
  • excess morbidity and mortality
  • local authority and cluster system dysfunction
  • host government and donor demands
  • intense media scrutiny

DMCIS flagship educational program is Missioncraft in Disaster Relief®. Missioncraft is the art and science of preparing and conducting successful field operations. This 1-week intensive workshop explores controversies and enhances skills in the professional practice of international disaster relief. The workshop is offered to selected medical and public health professionals who deploy to disasters as full-time, field-based, hands-on providers, and who expect to serve as organizational team leader or medical coordinator. It is designed for experienced professionals in pursuit of mastery, and is not intended for medical tourists.

Key Topics
  • Pre-departure preparation
  • Field briefing
  • Rapid epidemiological assessment
  • Field reporting
  • Standardized case management
  • Public health technical toolkits
  • Field project and team management
  • Contingency planning and lethal situation management
  • Perfect storms--field agency, cluster system, and donor failures
  • Dysfunctional staff
  • VIPs and curious non-producers (politicians, princes, and movie stars)
  • 10 key deliverables of medical coordinators
  • Career development and humanitarian passports

5 days multi-modal in classroom setting

Potential Participants
  • Health care workers with current board certification or specialty college fellowship in clinical medicine or public health
  • Disaster management professionals with authority to lead health teams from governmental (civil or military), non-governmental, Red Cross, or UN agencies
  • Humanitarian professionals with one year or more of disaster field experience
  • Persons anticipating future deployment to disasters as medical coordinator, team leader, or head of mission

Workshop faculty have expertise in inter-disciplinary, inter-agency, and international best practices in disasters. Each faculty member possesses all of the following qualifications:
  • current specialty board certifications or specialty college fellowships in clinical medicine and public health
  • organizational experience as disaster medical coordinator or team leader for governmental, non-governmental, United Nations, and Red Cross organizations
  • field experience as disaster medical coordinator or health advisor in two dozen or more countries on five continents
  • medical licensure in two or more countries
  • language fluency in two or more official UN languages
  • national or international awards for field excellence from governmental, non-governmental, and Red Cross organizations
Reference Manual

The core reference is Reference Manual for Humanitarian Health Professionals--Missioncraft in Disaster Relief® which DMCIS provides to workshop participants.

Calendar and Venue

Workshops are held in selected countries. Details of upcoming workshops are found on the Missioncraft Bulletin Board.


Admission to a workshop is by approval. Participant numbers are limited.
Application forms may be obtained from the academic institution linked on the Missioncraft Bulletin Board.
If you would like a workshop specifically for your organization, feel free to contact us.