Disaster Medical Coordination International Society


In 2005, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs commissioned the Humanitarian Response Review. The review concluded:

"The present approaches to the provision of staff during emergencies are inadequate to the need. There are simply not enough people with the right experience available quickly. Reliance on local hiring can be effective, but it needs to be supported by anticipation of the need for some training. Further, reliance on the emergency team approach does not completely meet the challenges of effective response and often has the effect of distracting attention from significant deficiencies in performances."(1)
(1). Adinolfi C, Bassiouni D, Lauritzsen HF, Williams HR. Humanitarian Response Review. New York and Geneva: United Nations, 2005; p. 30.

In response to that review, two career disaster medical coordinators founded DMCIS. The Society is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Thomas Durant and is devoted to disaster-affected communities and the health professionals who serve them.

Incorporation and Engagement

The Society is a Washington, DC, non-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) public charity status. It works exclusively on humanitarian, educational, and scientific objectives. It engages with disaster health professionals, disaster relief organizations, local health authorities, and disaster-affected communities. The Society is not a membership organization. Selected milestones follow below:

  • 2010 Society incorporates as a non-profit organization and establishes a governing board.
  • 2011 Society publishes its first field manual and conducts its first invitational training.
  • 2012 Society forms its first academic partnership.

    Organizational Overview


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